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Thesis Topic Author
Performance Comparison Between Fieldbus System and Local Cloud Technology in Real-Time Control of the Industrial Process - January 2018 Abel Ekwonyeaso
Developing a Framework to Mitigate the Growing Incidents of Cyber-Security Threats on Process Control Networks (Pcn): A Case Study of the Petrochemical Industry - June 2017 Abimbola Adegoke Ogunlade
Optimisation of 2D Matrix Bar-Code Reading And Motion Control - April 2017 Bryan Crump
Causes and Mitigations of Soot in the Oil & Gas Process Plant - August 2017 Evans Obasohan Egharevba
Automatic Machine Vision-Based Quality Inspection of Plastic HDPE Bottle Closures in a Water Bottling Plant - September 2017 Mhene Givemore
Design and Construction of an Archimedes Turbine for Rural Electrification/Lighting in Zambia - September 2017 Godfrey Mwansa
Process Control Network Analysis - July 2017 James Crofts
Critical Analysis of Impact of Information Technology in Industrial Automation - September 2017 Joshy George
Feasibility Study of Installing Online Vibration Monitoring and Analysis System in an LNG Plant (GE SYSTEM1) - July 2017 Kannan Periyaiya
Process Control Networks Security - August 2017 Omar Salim Kidege
Nickel Smelter Converter Slag Skimming Based on Thermal Imaging - April 2017 Muhammad NAVEED-UL-HASSAN
Aquaponics – A Process Control Approach - September 2017 Noel Scattini
Enhanced Motor-Level Intelligence: Deploying Intelligent Motor Control in View of Industry 4.0 - September 2017 Sivwete Godspower
Wastewater Automation – The Development of a Low Cost Distributed Automation System - April 2017 Tom Daviews
Ergonomic Vulnerabilities In Mobility Of Industrial Automation - October 2017 Victor Ajayi
Optimization of Coagulant (Alum) Dosage Using an Advanced Process Control Strategy Based on Artificial Neural Network (ANN) - May 2018 Dunstan Sepala Amaratunga
Application of Dynamic Matrix Control to Interactive Multiloops: A Case Study of a Fischer-Tropsch Hydrocracking Reactor - January 2018 Obiezu Ifenna Amaoni
Best Approach to Upgrading a Distributed Control System Case Study: Kiira Power Station - May 2018 Mildred Nanono
Automated Tankhouse Crane Control vs. Human In The Loop Control – An Economic Comparison - January 2018 Nicholas D. Howard
Constraint Control of a Simulated Ore Crushing Circuit - June 2018 David Beeson
Optimization of a RFID Network Planning (RNP) Model Using a Multi-Objective Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm, Non-dominated Differential Evolution Algorithm (NSDEA) - June 2018 Ian Doolun


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