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Knovel is a trusted resource for hundreds of thousands of professors, researchers and students at top engineering schools worldwide for Chemical, Mechanical, Aeronautical, and Manufacturing Engineering. Get general reference and best practice insights, process and design applications, material and substance properties data, and equations for specific engineering disciplines. Knovel’s interactive equations and graphs put you in charge of data, letting you quickly and easily solve problems.


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Please enter your own email address (this will be used as your username to access the library), register a password, your first name and surname to set up. This will set up your Knovel user account to access the library from now on. PLEASE REGISTER ONLY ONCE.

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Once registered, you can now access your Elsevier Knovel Library directly using this link. See below for a screenshot. To Login from this page, click ‘Welcome Guest’ in the top right hand corner, and login using the username and password that you just registered.

Check out a quick tutorial video to find out how our interactive tools help with initial calculations, engineering-focused and data search features, mobile capabilities and integrations with engineering software and applications.

Visit Knovel today to find out how our trusted resources can help take your studies to the next level.

Available Knovel Resources




These two minute videos illustrate how to get the most out of your Knovel acess, including how to conduct a basic search, datasearch, and how to access plugins and use interactive tools such as equations.







Other useful tips can be located here


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Knovel has a list of Frequently Asked Questions at this location.

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